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Vernalization • double haploids of wheat and oat • osmotic stress


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1967-1972 study at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow

1972 Master in chemical sciences, organic chemistry

1994 Doctor in agricultural sciences, agronomics-plant physiology at H. Kołłątaj Agricultural University. in Krakow

2004 Doctor habilitated of agricultural sciences, agronomics-plant physiology at H. Kołłątaj Agricultural University. in Krakow

2014 Professor of agricultural sciences, agronomics-plant physiology 


1972 -1990 chemist in the Department of Plant Physiology (now Institute) of the Polish Academy of Sciences (DPP PAS) in Krakow

1990 -1994 Assistant and senior assistant in DPP PAS

1994 - 2005 Assistant Professor at DPP PAS

2005 -  2019 Associate Professor at IPP PAS

2019 - until now Institute Professor at IPP PAS


1972 -1990 Radiological laboratory inspector at the II Class isotopic lab., DPP PAS

1994 - 2005 Head Tissue Culture Laboratory, DPP PAS

2005 - 2011 Head Biotechnology Department IPP PAS

2007 - 2011 Member of the Management Commitee of FA0605COST Action "Signalling Control of Stress Tolerance and Production of Stress Protective Compounds in Plants" (INPAS)           
Since 2005 Member of the Scientific Council at IPP PAS


Drought stress tolerance in cereals – plants vegetation under water deficit in the soil,  osmotic stress induced in hydroponic culture by PEG. Determination of physiological (chlorophyll a fluorescence kinetics and gas exchange parameters), biochemical indicators (content of phenols, sugars, proline, MDA, photosynthetic pigments, antioxidants, ABA and polyamines), osmotic potential and calculation of drought stress tolerance indices for selecting of more resistant/sensitive to drought stress genotypes. 
In vitro cultures - optimization of the long-term wheat cell suspension culture by selection of the size of vessels, by weight of the callus, the type of hormones, inorganic compounds, sucrose concentration in the medium and temperature; study of the development of the endosperm of wheat and triticale; optimization of induction and regeneration of haploid embryos and obtaining doubled haploid wheat and oats and their application in plant breeding. 


cultures in sterile conditions - application of various kinds of explants in liquid and solidified media
spectrophotometric methods - determination of biochemical indicators to assess the level of tolerance to abiotic stress of different genotypes of crop plants 
methods of fluorescence and photosynthesis - comparing the efficiency of PSII photosynthetic apparatus under optimal conditions and osmotic stress 
Microscopic methods - evaluation of morphological and viability of cells and tissues 


The author or co-author of over 100 scientific articles, participation in more than in 25 grants where in 7 of it as a coordinator.


• Hungary, Cereal Research Non-Profit Company in Szeged, a scientific stay within bilateral  cooperation, the project "Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry studies on the hormonal background of regeneration in wheat callus cultures as Influenced by Growth Substances of the nutrient media" - 1998,1999, 2000, 2001, 2003
• Austria, Austrian Research Centers GmbH, Seibersdorf, scientific stay within the bilateral cooperation "Micro array studies to investigate the function of the wheat defense genes after challenging with Fusarium head blight and Puccinia recondita" - 1 week in 2003, 2004 and 2005
• Latvia (Birini) partnership meeting of countries bordering the Baltic Sea in the search for a platform of cooperation under the theme: "Biotechnologies for Knowledge Based Bioeconomy" 1 week 2006.
• Czech Republic, Institute of Experimental Botany Academy of Sciences in Prague, scientific stay within the bilateral cooperation "Electrical signals in plant development" – 1 week in the years 2006, 2007 and 2009.
• Austria, Institute of Biophysics and X-Ray Rentgenography Austrian Academy of Sciences in Graz, scientific stay within the bilateral cooperation "The structure of lipid and lipid-hormone interaction in natural and artificial membranes in differentiating and nondifferentiating the callus cells," two weeks in 2007.
• Finland, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Plant Production Research, Crops and Biotechnology, stay connected with scientific consultation on optimization of obtaining doubled haploid oats - 1 week 2007
• Belgium (Brussels), Italy (Matera), Estonia (Tartu), Spain (Valencia) and Cyprus (Limassol), participation as a Polish representative membership of the Management Committee  organized together with scientific conferences within COST Action FA0605 "Signalling Control of Stress Tolerance and Production of Stress Protective Compounds in Plants" (INPAS),. 5-fold for 1 week in the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


• Promoter 9 master's thesis at the The H. Kołłątaj Agricultural Academy (now University) in Cracow
• Supervisor of three finished PhD thesis at the International Doctoral Studies in Natural Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow: 
Dr. Dominika Gil "Optimization of wheat cell suspension conditions to obtain the maximum of morfogenity", defended in 2006 
Dr. Agnieszka Kulig "Utilization of doubled haploid lines of hybrid Chinese Spring x SQ1 to improve the functional characteristics of wheat", defended in 2010 
Dr. Agata Nowakowska. "Optimization of oat Avena sativa L. doubled haploid method ", defended in 2012


• Organization of the conference: 
• Two scientific workshops in IPP PAS, within the European project "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources" (Centre of Excellence "CROPSTRESS") 
5-8.01.2004: "Newest analytical methods in plant biology" 
13-18.03.2005: "Methods of molecular genetics in plant biology" 
• National Conferences "Application of the in vitro cultures in plant physiology" (IPP PAS, Kraków) 2006, 2008, 2013 and 2016 
• Chief Editor of two Journal issues – Advances of Agricultural Sciences Problem: 
Issue 523 In vitro culture in plant physiology. 2007 p. 251, ISSN 0084-5477 
Issue 534  In vitro culture in plant physiology 2009 p. 317, ISSN 0084-5477 
• Chief Editor of Acta Biologica Cracoviensia, Botanica series, IX National Conference "In Vitro Cultures In Plant Physiology" Abstracts, Vol. 55, suppl. 2

• Chief Editor of Acta Biologica Cracoviensia, Botanica series, X  Conference "In Vitro Cultures In Plant Physiology" Abstracts, Vol. 58, suppl. 2


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Marcińska I., Czyczyło-Mysza I. 2010: A Guide to QTL Mapping with R/qtl (Statistics for Biology and Health). Karl W. Broman, Saunak Sen, 2009, vii-400 pp. 


• 1994 - PhD thesis with distinction

• 2003 - Award and distinction received by team in the competition sponsored by FRANK FOUNDATION HELIANTHUS in Hungary, with the results of bilateral cooperation, presented in the form of the manuscript: "Cytokinin differences between young embryo and inflorescence derived cell cultures of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L) and their possible relationship to the contrasting vernalisation requirement of the regenerants"

• 2004 - Silver Cross of the Republic of Poland for scientific activities and achievements in the IPP PAS

• 2014 - Distinction from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the achievements in the field of agriculture, rural development, agricultural markets and fishery. Topic: Obtaining of oat (Avena sativa L.) doubled haploid lines by the wide crossing method. Authors: IPP PAS: dr hab. inż. Edyta Skrzypek, prof. dr hab. Izabela Marcińska, dr hab. inż. Ilona Czyczyło-Mysza, dr Kinga Dziurka, dr Agata Nowakowska, SHR Sp. z o.o., Gr. IHAR: dr inż. Zygmunt Nita, inż. Krystyna Werwińska


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