Numerous BSc and MSc theses are supervised at the Institute in cooperation with universities (University of Agriculture, Pedagogical University, AGH University of Science and Technology, Jagiellonian University, and others).
It is also possible to do students’ practical training and vocational internships at the Institute.

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The Institute is actively involved in postgraduate education, i.e. in supervising PhD theses in the field of agricultural and biological sciences. The PhD program is organized in the frame of Doctoral Studies in Natural Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow and Doctoral School in Natural and Agricultural Sciences in Cracow, of which the Institute is a member. Within the framework of the PhD program, the Institute’s employees conduct lectures on their subjects of specialization. PhD students can participate in the research projects carried out at the Institute as well as take advantage of the Institute’s equipment, facilities, and methods. Moreover, they can apply for grants and projects for young scientists offered at national and EU institutions.