Prof. dr. hab Stanisław Grzesiak

Former Employees and Professors Emeriti
Department of Ecophysiology
(+48) 12 4253301 (wew./ext. 58)
Abiotic stresses • structure of a plant root system


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 Scientific degrees:

1971 - Master of Science, Department of Biology and Earth Sciences, Jagiellonian University

1978 - Doctor, Department of Agriculture, Agricultural University in Kraków

1991 - Habilitation, Department of Agriculture, Agricultural University in Kraków

2002 - Professor, Department of Agriculture and Economics, Agricultural University in Kraków


research interests

Physiological mechanisms of plants responses to water stress (soil drought, flooding)

participation in grants

2011-2013 Physiological, biochemical and morphological reactions of triticale and maize to stress caused by different level of soil compaction and by shortage or excess of water in soil. Project of National Science Centre, # N N310 782540. Project participant.


Member of Scientific Council of IPP PAS (since 1991)

Chair of the Department of Ecophysiology in IPP PAS (2000-2011)

Chairman of the Organizing Commitee during 8 (1st to 8th) International Conferences "Ecophysiological Aspects of Plant Responses to Stress Factors"

Member of the programme commitee of 9th International Conference "Plant Functioning Under Environmental Stress”. September 12 - 15, 2012



PTB - Polish Botanical Society

PTBER - Polish Society of Experimental Plant Biology

CSPP- Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists


teaching activities

Supervisor of Master and PhD theses

Seminars in stress physiology



Canada - Agricultural Canada Research Station, Lethbridge, 1979, 6 months

USA - National Academy of Sciences Washington – State University Missouri Clumbia Department of Agronomy, 1984-1985, 12 months

Japan - Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences University of Nagoya, Laboratory of Crop Sciences, 1994-1995, 6 months



1976 - Collective Award of the Secretary General of Polish Academy of Sciences

1978 - Individual Award of the Secretary General of Polish Academy of Sciences

2009 - Collective award of  the 5th Division of Agricultural, Forestry and Veterinary Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences for studies concerning physiological and biochemical adaptactions to drought stress in maize and triticale