Department of Developmental Biology

leader: Prof. Dr. hab. Eng. Anna Janeczko
address: Niezapominajek 21, 30-239 Kraków
telephone: (+48) 12 4251833 (wew./ext. 108)
faks: (+48) 12 4251844
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Main scientific interests:

Plant growth and development in changing climate conditions - acclimation mechanisms of crop plants with especial role of hormonal homeostasis (hormonomcs – targeted metabolomics) and protein analyzes (proteomics).
The role of steroid hormones - brassinosteroids and other steroid regulators (progesterone, ecdysteroids) in plant growth, development and stress response. 
Physiological and biochemical determinants of biomass production of plants (algae). The molecular mechanisms of changes in the efficiency of the photosynthetic apparatus under the influence of different spectral light composition.
Reducing the content of allergens in wheat grain - the use of allelopathics and traditional breeding.
Plant growth under LED light - application research, cooperation with companies producing greenhouse lighting.

We offer the following expertise for research projects and cooperation:

1. Measurements of plant chemical composition:
- plant hormones: ethylene, salicylic acid, cytokinins, auxins, poliamines, jasmonic acid
- vitamins: C, E, provitamin A
- other substances: caffeine, melatonin, sugars, proteins, fatty acids, total lipids, photosynthetic pigments, etc.
2. Measurements of oxidative stress enzymes activity (SOD, catalase, peroxidase).
3. Measurements of electrolyte leakage and osmotic potential.
4. Isolation of cell membranes (including isolation of chloroplasts) from plant material.
5. Measurements of plant tissue metabolic activity via calorimetric methods.
6. The algae cultivation under controlled light and temperature conditions.


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