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Intracellular carbon dioxide and redox state of plastoquinone pool as regulators of ethylene biosynthesis pathway 2020 2023
2019/35/B/NZ9/01544 NCN View Miszalski
Why vascular bundles differ from the parenchyma in pathogen resistance? 2011 2014
2001/01/B/NZ9/02540 National Science Centre View Miszalski
Defense and signal induced mechanisms in the optional halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystalllinum in response to salinity and biotic stress 2011 2014 830/1/N-COST/2010/11 National Science Centre, NC, COST FA0605 (INPAS) View Surówka
The chloroplast defence and signalling mechanisms in halophytic plants 2010 2012 633/N-COST/09/2010/0 National Science Center, Action COST FA0605 (INPAS) View Niewiadomska
The way to commercialize the results of bioscience research 2010 2012 WND-POKL.08.02.01-12-007/10 Program Operacyjny Kapitał Ludzki – Poddziałanie 8.2.1 View Skoczowski
Physico-chemical indicators of interactions of polyamines with other antioxidants in conditions of drought and salinity stress 2009 2012 556/N-COST/2009/0 National Science Center, Action COST FA0605 (INPAS) View Filek