Localization of genes loci for quantitative traits (QTL) associated with the resistance of wheat to drought using map markers and doubled haploid lines population in correlation with the physiological parameters


Leader of project: Dr hab. Ilona Czyczyło-Mysza, Dip. Eng. (Department of Biotechnology)

Colaborators: Prof. Jolanta Biesaga-Kościelniak (Department of Developmental Biology), Prof. Izabela Marcińska (Department of Biotechnology), Dr hab. Edyta Skrzypek, Dip. Eng. (Department of Biotechnology), Prof. Stanisław Grzesiak (Department of Ecophysiology), Dr hab. Tomasz Hura (Department of Ecophysiology), Prof. Maria Wędzony (Departament of Cell Biology), Dr hab. Maciej Grzesiak (Department of Ecophysiology), Dr Agata Nowakowska (Department of Biotechnology)