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Określenie fizjologicznych i biochemicznych wskaźników tolerancji pszenicy ozimej (Triticum aestivum L.) na stres suszy i wysokiej temperatury 2021 2026 MRiRW nr 3 MRiRW View Juzoń-Sikora
Obtaining of oat doubled haploid lines by wide crossing method, and the identification of partial hybrids 2015 2018 PBS3/B8/17/2015 National Centre of Researc and Development View Skrzypek
Is 4-chloro-indolyl-3-acetic acid the death hormone in generative oat organs? 2017 2018
2017/1/x/NZ9/01309 MINIATURA NCN View Dziurka
Poliamines and phenolics activity in resistance reaction for soil drought of legume plants cultivated for proteins 2010 2012 621/N-COST/09/2010/0 NCS, Action COST FA0605 (INPAS) View Skrzypek