The Institute is a scientific institution of the Second Division of Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences, supporting the development of science in the field of plant physiology, with particular emphasis on ecophysiological factors determining productivity of crops, with the maintenance of the highest standards.

Strategic objectives are:

Conducting research of key importance for the development of science and the world economy;

Organization of research teams capable of competing on a international scale;

Developing cooperation with the scientific community and the industry.

The implementation of the following program activities will ensure achieving the objectives:

Undertaking the current research challenges;

Attention to improving the quality of the equipment and laboratory facilities;

Attention to the development of academic staff and strengthening its international position;

Integration of scientific community and cooperation with business entities;

Intensification of national and international scientific collaborations;

Education and training of academic staff and the dissemination of knowledge;

Conducting research with the emphasis on the following thematic groups:

application of biotechnology to improve crop plants

regulatory mechanisms of plant development

role of environmental stress in plant productivity.

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Institute of Plant Physiology has an A category in the ranking of research units and is authorized to confer the doctoral degrees of Agricultural Sciences in the discipline of agriculture and horticulture (formerly agronomy).